Against: African cotton bollworm (Corn earworm) and Native budworm (Heliothis armigera & Heliothis puntigera)
Active Ingredient: Min. 7.5 x 1012 /L Polyhedral Inclusion Bodies ofHeliothis armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus (HearNPV)
Formulation Type: Suspension concentrate
Standard Dosage: 100 – 200 ml per ha
Horticultural crops
Sweetcorn,Potatoes, Berryfruits, Brassicas, Asian greens, Cucurbits, Celery, Eggplant, Peppers, Tomatoes, Leafy vegetables, Beans, Peas, Flowers, Pome fruit
Broadacre crops
Cereal grains, Oilseeds, Peanuts, Lucerne, Pulses, Fodder crops, Cotton
HELICOVEX® offers highly effective control of H. armigera & H. punctigera. The virus can kill the young instar larvae and can prevent damage. Moreover, the use of HELICOVEX® has a sustained control effect on Heliothis populations because the virus has the potential to re-infect new hatchings if conditions are favourable. Unlike Bt’s HELICOVEX® virus can effectively control up to L3 (> 7mm in length) larvae.
  • Non-toxic, no MRL requirements and no (minimum) withholding period.
  • Highly selective against Heliothis armigera and Heltiothis punctigera so very suited for integrated and organic pest management and preservation of other native Lepidoptera species.
  • Contributes to resistance management of traditional insecticides.
  • High quality formulation meaning lower rates than other NPV’s – (up to 3.75 times more concentrated).
  • Compatible with foliar fertilizers, fungicides and other insecticides (pH in tank mix 5 – 8.5)
  • Excellent shelf life (2 years at 5 °C) and rainfastness.