OCP launches New & Improved eco-flo range

During a time when a lot of us have been in lock down, the OCP product development team have been locked away working on improving our eco-flo range of highly concentrated flowable gypsum, lime and dolomite products. Working with the product development team at DuluxGroup, OCP have come up with what they believe to be a real innovation in flowable corrective soil amendments.

Innovation Manager at OCP Gary Leeson said “The greatest challenge for the development team was to come up with a formulation that was highly concentrated and stable but also met the strict environmental requirements of Australian Certified Organic. The end result is a range of products that are both easy to use but surpass the standard ecological safety for liquid soil amendments and fertilisers”.

eco-flo gypsum – As we all know gypsum is very important to soil structure, reducing the impacts of sodium, improving the aeration and infiltration of irrigation water; and reducing Al3+ toxicity in acid  sub-soils. The ability to apply gypsum through irrigation or spray booms using the eco-flo technology makes it very easy to apply gypsum anytime throughout the crop cycle. This also applied to eco-flo lime & dolomite.

Unlike the previous eco-flo gypsum formulation, the new and improved formulation contains a very high level of mined calcium sulphate rather than a combination of elemental sulfur and limestone. The advantage that the new eco-flo gypsum has over the old formulation is calcium availability. Calcium is up to two hundred times more soluble in mined gypsum than in limestone. This make eco-flo gypsum much faster acting and with the added benefit of 5 micron particle size, the distribution and soil contact of eco-flo gypsum is greatly enhanced.

eco-flo lime – OCP have worked hard to keep the very high level of suspended calcium carbonate in the new formulation, allowing growers to continue to benefit from the 40% w/v of calcium. This makes eco-flo lime a very versatile and cost-effective irrigated soil treatment for dealing with acidic soils while delivering a high concentration of slow release calcium to the soil and plant.

eco-flo dolomite – Once again the OCP development team were able to achieve a very high loading of magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate to produce a product containing 25% w/v calcium and 13% w/v magnesium. eco-flo dolomite is the perfect soil treatment for calcium and magnesium deficient soils, while also reducing soil acidity.

The eco-flo range will be available late 2020 and will be sold in easy to pour 15L pails and 800L shuttles. It makes a lot of sense to go with the eco-flo.