OCP sponsored Mill2Mill 2014 a great success

Every 2 years OCP’s plant oil supplier (MSM Milling at Manildra) put on a Charity Bike Ride from one of the Manildra Group Mills to another Mill. This year the ride was from Bomaderry near Norwa to Manildra, a distance of 630 km over 4 days. The ride is open to all walks of life but the majority of riders come from Agribusinesses that are in some way connected to Manildra Milling.

OCP got involved as a sponsor becuase we are a major buyer of the locally produced plant oil that comes out of MSM Milling, and becuase we wanted to get rid of the boss (Gary) for four days. More seriously it is a great way for OCP to give back to the local farming communities that grow the crops that we use to make Eco-oil and Synertrol Horti Oil. “We cycled through some of the main oil producing areas of NSW near Frobes and Parks and along the way made $1000 donations to the local P&C’s. It was a great way to connect with the local community and see this seasons crop of oil being prepared in the paddocks before your very eyes” said Gary.

The ride raised over $115,000 through the generous sponsorship of various agribusinesses including OCP and the 47 riders also contributed through their entry fee of $900 plus selling $250 of raffle tickets. The money will go into vital services for the care of women with breast cancer in rural areas and help Beyond Blue reach out to country folk who might be doing it a little tough.

Thanks to all who took part and a big thanks to MSM Milling for organising another very successful and very wet Mill2Mill Charity Bike Ride!